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We provide cutting edge solutions for research, workforce development, technology transfer, training, and mobility management.
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About IGD

Integrated Global Dimensions provides cutting edge solutions for research, workforce development, technology transfer, training, and mobility management.

Our mission is to support those who are dedicated to making a difference in the world and the lives of people around them.

We are unapologetically passionate and distinctly socially conscious. When you do business with IGD, we tie every for-profit program with a non-profit initiative.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead , American Cultural Anthropologist

What does IGD do?


Innovation and creation of knowledge, systems, and technology is what we live for at IGD. We offer a multi-disciplinary team of world renowned scholars and nationally recognized partners to meet your research needs.

Workforce Development

IGD offers a full range of educational resources. We work with elementary, high school, community college, university, government agency, and private business clients to develop interactive data driven career education and professional development resources.

Technology Transfer

Working alongside the researcher, IGD assists with innovation awareness, technology deployment, and commercialization assistance. Using high quality media design we craft the message and communication strategies to make your tech transfer goals become reality.


Using proven pedagogy and cutting edge neuroscience research, IGD’s training development is designed to be the most effective and meaningful to the student as possible. Never stare at another narrated PowerPoint slide again!

Mobility Management

Connecting communities, developing public private partnerships, and optimizing route design to reach the maximum number of citizens is the just the beginning of what we specialize in for IGD mobility management solutions.


IGD provides a full suite of marketing support services including video development, publication design, webinar hosting, social media consulting, email messaging, editing, and more! Let us know how we can help get your message out and impacting society!

Consulting Services

Add IGD to your team! We’re always interested in new business partnerships and networks. We also specialize in proposal design and development as well as serving as an outside evaluator on grants and contracts. Let us know how we can work together to support your mission and goals.

Custom Solutions

Looking for something different? Perhaps a combination of the other services or something completely new? If you’re looking to make a difference and create positive change in the world, we’re dedicated to helping you. Contact us to design a custom support package to meet your needs.

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To learn more about our custom services and solutions please contact us using the simple form below. We will email you to schedule an appointment and learn how we may work together.