Why Remote Sensing?

Cost Efficient

For the cost of a cup of coffee, you can survey over 7 miles of unpaved road.


Assess the condition of your roads in the half the time with five times the data.


Accurately know the crown and distresses, such as potholes, on your roads down to the centimeter.

The First Research of its Kind In The World

The Aerial Unpaved Road Assessment (AURA) system includes the collection and processing of data, which creates automated detection of road distresses for use in unpaved road asset management.

Requirements for Remote Sensing Assessments

Unpaved Roads Requirements

State of the Practice of Unpaved Road Condition

State Of Practice

Remote Sensing of Unpaved Road Conditions

phenomena of Unpaved Roads

Recommended Remote Sensors

sensor Selection

Recommended Remote Sensing Platforms

sensor remote platform mtri

Mission Planning System

MTRI Mission Planning

Decision Support System


Software and Algorithms

Software and algorithms unpaved road MTRI

Field Deployment & Evaluation

Field Deployment and Evaluation MTRI

Sensor Platforms

Sensor Platforms

AURA Final Report

AURA Final Report

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